1) Is the 360ELEV8 base height adjustable?

Absolutely, its height adjustable feature allows for adequate flexibility for the user who can easily adjust their iMacs to a height that allows for a perfect posture. Each purchase will include 3 modular base layers, you choose optimal height, either 1, 2 or 3 layers.

2) Is the 360ELEV8 base tried and tested for its rotation and height adjustment or do we need to be cautious while rotating our Macs?

The 360ELEV8 base rotation has been designed with ease of use in mind for our end users. Therefore, every product feature we provide you with is extremely safe to use and guarantees a seamless experience for you. Materials used are safe,  look great and are definitely made to last.

3) We claim to be supporting the environment with our latest innovation. How exactly do we do that?

Helping reduce pollution in our beautiful world is crucial for everyone's survival. Although 360ELEV8 is a  high-growth brand, we respect nature and therefore, are an official supporter of PlasticBank. Together, we intend to reduce plastic waste from entering the oceans and waterways. Visit their website at www.plasticbank.com for more information.

4) How durable is our product?

We use high quality materials coupled with our passion to provide you with an ultimate solution that guarantees durability and long-lasting use.

5) Which iMac computer is the base compatible with?

iMac 27" from 2009 onwards
iMac 21.5" from 2009 onwards
iMac 24" from 2021 onwards

6) When will the 360ELEV8 base launch?

We expect production and shipping arrangements to be finalised soon and launch will be approx March 2024. Sign up to our newsletters to get the latest updates on product launch  and learn about the best launch discounts.